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 Combination Class
Age 3 with at least one year of dance experience 
 12 years old
Focus is on Ballet and Tap and includes an
introduction to jazz as well as gymnastics
for the younger combination classes.
(Shoes- is determined to the individual class: Capezio New and Improved Child Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe- #N625C, Block "Tap On" Tap buckle shoe- Tan #S0302G (Children) #S0302L (Adults), Block "Tap Flex" Slip On Tap Shoe #S0389L and Ballet Shoes Capezio Daisy Pink Split Show #205S (Children)/ #205SC (Adults) ) 

   Classical Ballet
Age 10 and/or teacher recommendation
Ballet is recommended for those students
 who have a serious interest in the art of dance and who are willing to give 100% of themselves to this class.  This 1 hour class will also prepare the dancer for pre-pointe.  Ballet is the basis of all dance and is highly recommended.
(Shoes- Bloch Elastosplit Leater #ES025OL)
Age 10 and/or teacher recommendation
A style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression on inner feeling.  This form of dance also expresses
 complex emotions and abstract ideas.
(Shoes- Block Soleil Foot Glove #S0662 (Dark Tan)
Age 12 and/or teacher recommendation
A 45 minute class of tap technique, across the floor variations and center floor combinations.
(Shoes- Bloch "Tap Flex" Slip On Tap Shoe #S0389L)
Age 5 and/or teacher recommendation
A class of jazz exercise, technique, across the floor variations and center floor combinations.
(Shoes- Bloch #S0499L Tan)
Hip Hop - performing GSlide!
 Hip Hop
Age 6 and/or teacher recommendation
This 45 minute class is funky, stimulating and exciting. It teaches fresh, new innovative moves with the hottest routines in the
(Shoes- Tennis Shoes- Studio Use ONLY)
Technique Class
Age 7 and up
This 1 hour class of structured skills includes, but is not limited to leaps, jumps, turns and overall poise, balance, flexibility and conditioning. This class is required for any student that is on the competition team.

** Dance Shoes and attire are available at or Pointe Dance Boutique located at 12008 Southshore Pointe Road, Midlothian, VA 23112, 804-639-4215, unless otherwise noted

Tiny Tots
Ages 16 months – 3 years
For first year 16 months to 3 year olds. This class is especially designed with the very young child in mind. These students are introduced to familiar songs as well as newly created activities which are fresh and exciting! This is a great program for the tiniest of dancer's to establish listening skills and taking direction.
(Shoes- Capezio Daisy Pink Ballet Shoes #C205)

Age 11 and/or teacher recommendation
This one hour class of Pointe is an extension of Ballet and is for those students who have reached a certain age and body development. Instruction will include barre work aswell as center floor adagios.
 (Pointe Shoes- Please refer to Ellman's or Pointe Dance for fittings)

Age 10 and/or teacher recommendation
This 45 minute class of Lyrical involves movement from within. The purpose of Lyrical is to prepare the dancer’s body to be receptive to the intensely personal creative urges of the choreographer.
(Shoes- Block Soleil Foot Glove #S0662 (Dark Tan)
Halee doing tap!
Age 5 and/or teacher recommendation
An artistic and esthetic pattern of totally controlled body movement. The students willreceive 45 minutes of exercise and tumbling.
(Shoes- Barefoot)
Ages 6 and up
A 45 minute class of Baton twirling.
This class will include multi Batons, Hoop Batons and experienced twirlers…
Fire Batons!
(Shoes- Block #S0499L Tan)
 Private Lessons
Ages 7 and up
This 30 minute class is for those students who feel the need to have a one on one with
an experienced teacher. This class can be
any style of dance you chose.
Shining Stars
Age 9 and up
A new program ADSD is developing to introduce children and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities to participate in a intermediate dance class.All disability abilities are welcome to join us in this fun filled class where we have a great time learning to dance as well as fun.

We also offer College Age Classes!
It is recommended that a Classical Ballet class
be taken along with or prior to Tap,
Jazz, Lyrical, Modern or Hip Hop Class.
It takes a good foundation to EXCEL!
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